Evolution of a Web Page

In January 2009, I completed an introductory website creation class. I used this learning to create my first "real" web pages, highlighting photos from our trip to Yellowstone last summer. The following links showcase the evolution of the web page in the course of the class.

By the way, if you follow the links to the Yellowstone photos, you will find yourself in the actual Yellowstone area of my website

Lesson 1 Intro to the Internet
Lesson 2 Head and body
Lesson 3 Background, font, centering
Lesson 4 Clip art, photos
Lesson 5 Image size, background image
Lesson 6 Search engine strategies, meta keywords
Lesson 7 Links
Lesson 8 Tables - part 1
Lesson 9 Tables - part 2
Lesson 10 List of html tags
Lesson 11 Web hosting
Lesson 12 FTP