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Super Quest - Tips

Super Quest embraces the old-school philosophy of making things difficult for the user. You're only allowed to save the game in three different locations, so if real life interupts while you're playing, you're out of luck. There's no "pause" feature, and since random groups of "roving monsters" can appear at any time, even a short bathroom break will likely mean your death.

Plus, death is permanent... a dead character can not be revived, so you must start over from scratch! Fortunately there is a way to prevent this, if you're quick enough: When your character dies, if you remove the floppy disk before the game saves over your character, you'll "cheat death", and be able restart the game from your last save point. (On the website that lets you play the game through an emulator, it's a similar concept: Close the web browser quickly when you die, and it won't be able to record the death.)

General Strategy Tips

Use iron quarrels as much as possible when fighting monsters. While it will take you more shots to kill things, they're so much cheaper than magic quarrels or tana powder that the savings are worth it.

Be ready to switch to magic quarrels for wraiths, dragons, and rogue dragons, as iron quarrels aren't effective on them. And use tana powder for afreets and imps. (Or simply fight imps hand-to-hand... since they're the wimpiest of all the monsters, they're one of the few things you can fight hand-to-hand and expect to win even if you're just starting out.)

When shopping at the bazaar, always haggle by continually offering to pay half of the listed retail price, and then raise your offer to one gold less than the shopkeeper's last offer right before he's about to say "Forget it". On small purchases you'll always be able to get things for half price, and for larger purchases you'll be able to get things for slightly over that. 1014 gold is a decent price to pay for a strength potion (normally costing 2000), and it usually doesn't take too many attempts to negotiate it down that far. If you're stubborn you can get a price even closer to 1000 gold, but that can take many tries and the diminishing returns make it hardly worth your time.

Not only do the two hospices charge higher prices than the bazaar, but their shopkeepers are much more difficult to haggle with. To get the most supplies for your money it's often a good idea to make the trek back to the bazaar.

You can buy more quarrels than you can carry, and the extras will be waiting for you when you return to the bazaar. Even if you travel to a different hospice, your extra ammunition will magically be available to you at the new location.

Saving the game restores all your heath, so if you can limp your wounded body back to the bazaar you can save yourself from having to buy another healing elixer.

When a room is filled with tough monsters (like dragons), it's easier to kill them if you enter from the east or west rather than the north or south. Since rooms are wider than they are tall, entering from the sides gives you more time to kill the monsters before they can reach you.

Your character moves faster horizontally than vertically, while monsters move at the same speed in all directions. So it's easier for you to outrun monsters by running sideways.

If you exit a room before killing a monster, the monster immediately recovers from any damage you did to it. So try not to run away after spending a lot of ammunition wounding a monster, if you can help it.

If you're carrying more money, the roving monsters you encounter will tend to be in larger groups of tougher creatures. So if you're trying to map a new area by yourself, it can be easier to not open up the treasure chests when you're walking around, to reduce the amount of effort you'll expend fighting roving monsters.

Leveling Up Tips / Winning the Game

The game is merciless when you first begin playing. You start off very weak, so it'll take you several shots to kill most monsters. What's worse, you can't carry very many quarrels, so you'll always be in danger of running out of ammunition.

To survive, initially never stray very far from the bazaar. Your goal is to try and make some easy gold in the nearby rooms, enough to restock the ammunition you used to kill the monsters on your outing, with some profit left over.

Good rooms to visit when you're just starting out are: 165, 166, 167, 168, 149, 150, 134, 135, and 136. Room 168 has the largest treasure right near the bazaar, worth 60 gold denars. Room 136 gives you ten magic quarrels. And rooms 165, 149, 134, and 135 are nice because while the treasures there are small, there are no monsters guarding them, meaning you won't have to waste any ammunition.

If you save the game the dungeon restocks... all the monsters and treasures come back. This is actually a good thing, because we want to stay close to the bazaar. If we stray any kind of distance away, we're in very real danger of running out of ammunition to fight any roving mosters we encounter on the way back. So while it's boring, for a while just grind by visiting rooms 165, 166, 167, 168, 149, 150, 134, 135, and 136, (and perhaps 181 through 185) then restock at the bazaar, save, and repeat.

Once you finally have enough money to buy a strength potion or two, the game gets more interesting, as you can now carry enough supplies to venture a bit further out and still make it back safely. Identify some rooms that have bigger treasures that you might be able to reach, such as rooms 69, 102, 104, and 120. Note that room 104 might randomly be the Puzzle Room, which means that if you enter it you can't leave until you clear it. So make sure that you're strong enough to take on 9 wraiths (use magic quarrels!) before entering, as you can't run away once you start.

Once you're strong enough to easily complete that loop with ammunition to spare, you can increase the size of your loop to get the big treasures in rooms 51, 33, 34, and 0. You'll have to fight two dragons in room 34. Just fire magic quarrels continuously as soon as you enter the room. You'll take damage from the fire, but you should be able to survive it unless the dragon gets close enough to attack you hand-to-hand. Once you kill one dragon, you can quickly step back into room 35 and drink a healing elixer before heading back in to face the remaining dragon. Any damage you do to a monster immediately heals as soon as you leave the room, so try to time your retreats to be just after you kill a dragon.

Once you're able to survive reaching room 0 and back in one outing, then your loop can become very profitable. You should be able to easily pick up enough big treasures on the way to and from room 0 to have enough money to buy another strength potion (or two) after each loop. Grind this for a while until you're strong enough to clear a good sized loop on the first level without having to revisit the bazaar and restock.

Once you've killed 30 dragons and earned your Dragon Fire Armor, you're ready to travel to level 2. Head directly for the hospice at room 383 so you can save your game. Then you can explore level 2 in at your leisure, and perhaps find a more profitable loop to grind.

The biggest test of the game comes when you attempt to make it to the second hospice on level 3. It's a very long and winding road that leads you there. None of the individual rooms are all that scary (though you will have to face more dragons than usual), but the danger of running out of ammunition before you reach the hospice is very real. Make sure you're all filled up on quarrels before you head out.

Once you've survived the trip to the second hospice on level 3, there are plenty of great new areas to grind. There's lots of high-value treasures right outside this hospice, and it's not that far of a trip to revisit room 548, which gives you every treasure on the list. But ironically enough, if your character is strong enough to reach this point, then you're already strong enough to finish the rest of the game, so there's not much need to grind up your strength anymore. Just restock on ammunition and head out for level 4. Things will be easier if you spend all your money before heading out, to reduce the amount of roving monsters you'll have to face.

The monsters on level 4 are no tougher than level 3, so the only tricky part is going the right way to find the Mega-Crown at room 936. But if you've made it this far, then you've obviously figured out how to map things pretty well (or you're following someone else's map), so navigating to the ultimate destination should be a snap. Open the chest in room 936, and voila, you've won!

One final tip is that the game ends as soon as you get the Mega-Crown. And if you allow the game to save after the end-screen, then your victorious character is ineligible to explore the dungeon anymore. So if your goal is to map the entire dungeon, make sure you map all the rooms before winning the game, or else you're going to have to start grinding a brand new character all over again from the beginning.

Speed Run Strategy

If your goal is to beat the game as quickly as possible, then you'll need to use the Magic Lamp. The Magic Lamp can be found in a random room in the dungeon, and rubbing it teleports you to another random room.

Fortunately for us, the random number generator isn't truly random, so finding the Magic Lamp is easier than it should be. The first time you start up the emulator and load up a game, the Magic Lamp will always be in room 276, which is only 11 rooms away from the bazaar. (This is not true if you save the game and then start a new gaming session by typing "RUN" in the emulator... the Magic Lamp is only guaranteed to be in room 276 when you open a new browser session and first visit the emulator site.) Your destination when rubbing the lamp is (essentially) random.

When you save your game, the Magic Lamp goes back into the dungeon... you don't get to keep it on your person for the next session. But since its initial default location is so close to the bazaar, retrieving it again isn't too difficult.

So the Speed Run Strategy is travel to room 276, get the Magic Lamp, rub it, and hope that you teleport somewhere close to the Mega-Crown (in room 936). If your teleport doesn't get you close, exit the game, close your browser, and then start a new browser session and reload your game. Repeat as necessary until you get a lucky teleport that brings you near the goal.

You'll still need to do some leveling up of your character before attempting this strategy, as you'll have to be strong enough to kill the three rouge dragons guarding the Crown room. So you'll probably want to first grind your character up to the point where you at least have Dragon Fire Armor before teleporting.

If your character is barely strong enough to take on a rouge dragon, you can increase your chances by first visiting room 936 (the Crown room) from the north (from room 952), then immediately exiting and going back around to visit room 936 from the east instead (from room 937). Room 937 doesn't initially have an entrance into room 936, but after you visit room 936 an entrance between them opens up. It's much easier to kill rogue dragons when entering from the east or west than it is from the north or south, as the wide rooms give you more time to shoot before the dragons can cross the room and attack you hand-to-hand.